San Diego: “San Diego City Council approves homeless housing plan,” Fox 5

August 12, 2019

By Danielle Radin

San Diego –- The San Diego City Council unanimously approved Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s “Housing SD” reform aimed at removing the barriers to building more permanent supportive and transitional housing.

The City council adopted a series of changes to the Land Development Code – also known as the 12th Code Update – that make it easier to build new housing projects for the homeless and formerly homeless by eliminating burdensome regulations.

We need more housing combined with supportive services for folks who are struggling to make it on their own and that’s exactly the type of housing that these changes will make easier to build,” Mayor Faulconer said.

The reforms allow a streamlined process by right-to-construct housing for those experiencing homelessness. That includes a waiver of development impact fees for transitional housing facilities.

In addition, it eliminates other regulations placed on developers who design projects designed to help formerly homeless individuals.

The update makes it easier and more affordable to permit “granny flats” and other companion units.

The added incentives go beyond what the current state law mandates to help spur the development of affordable housing for seniors, military personnel, former foster youth, disabled veterans, and homeless individuals.

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