Assessment & Evaluation

We provide an array of highly regarded assessment and evaluation services for programs and systems. Our assessment and evaluation work combines powerful qualitative and quantitative methods to understand and improve impact.

System Transformation

We use assessment and evaluation to help communities transform their response to homelessness to be more impactful. Assessment services demonstrate advancement towards local goals, help scale interventions to match resources and need, guide where to increase system capacity, and provide management tools for improved decision-making. Continuums of Care, Cities, Counties, and States have found benefit in employing Assessment and Evaluation services to better understand their local context, engage stakeholders, and drive system change.

Targeted Impact Improvements

Our analytic experts assist organizations and communities to design, implement, and conduct program-specific evaluations. Program evaluations lead to improvements in service delivery, data collection and client outcomes and contribute to current knowledge in the field of homelessness. These evaluations can increase operational and financial performance, improve satisfaction of funders, program operators and participants, and highlight areas of deficiency and excellence within the system.

Our Approach

Our analytics team uses industry expertise, proprietary and non-proprietary modeling tools, and carefully curated information to generate insights from a community’s local data. We combine these quantitive methods with hearing and learning from those impacted by homelessness and other stakeholders to obtain a full picture of what is working and what should be changed. Using the power of analytics, Focus Strategies helps communities achieve results that make an impact.