We offer high-quality training on a variety of topics that enhance program and system strategies to reduce homelessness.

We facilitate trainings on homelessness response system design, performance measurement, program models, effective practices, and housing solutions. Our sessions are tailored to the unique context and goals of the community, and can be offered to direct service staff, agency leadership, system planners, elected leadership, Continuum of Care partners, or other stakeholder groups.

Examples of training topics we offer include:

  • How to Design Homelessness Response Systems
  • Implementing Performance Measurement and Data-Driven System Planning
  • Understanding and Applying Housing First Principles and Practices at the system level and in different program models
  • Incorporating Evidence-Informed Practices in system design and/or program delivery (e.g. Trauma Informed Care, Motivational Interviewing)
  • How to Design, Deliver and Evaluate Coordinated Entry
  • Bringing a housing focus to shelter programs
  • Diversion/Problem Solving/Rapid Resolution Policies and Practices at introductory and advanced levels
  • Developing and implementing Housing-Focused Services
  • Core components, best practices, and design options for Rapid Rehousing
  • Planning projects, lease-up, operations and oversight strategies for Permanent Supportive Housing

We customize our training to adapt to the needs of our clients, and typically begin an engagement working with the client to determine the methods as well as specific content or messages relevant to that community. Each training may be offered as one session, in a series, or through cohort-based learning communities. All of our trainings use a variety of delivery techniques including both presentation and hands-on work or other participation. Training is customized to the audience — we can cover the basics or deliver to a more advanced audience.