Supportive Housing Technical Assistance

We provide a range of flexible technical assistance to support community and developer efforts to develop, operate, and evaluate permanent supportive housing (PSH). Our clients include supportive housing developers, program providers, and State and local government agencies. We provide insight and expert advice on specific PSH projects, community strategies for maximizing housing production, and evaluating community-wide portfolio of PSH units.

Our services

  • project and program planning,
  • securing funding and financing,
  • identifying partners and developing multi-party agreements, and
  • conducting assessments and evaluations of effectiveness.


We work with a range of communities — those that have a few PSH projects to those with thousands of PSH units. Our planning work helps clients to secure project financing and establish needed partnerships. We also help project funders and partners to establish goals, set performance measures, and conduct evaluations that consider the extent to which outcomes are achieved and how well challenges are being addressed. We are continuously tracking and analyzing new funding and financing opportunities, particularly in the State of California. We specialize in helping our clients to navigate the nuance of complex PSH financing requirements and tailor local services programs and funding to meet project criteria and needs.