Welcome! We invite you to share our vision of ending homelessness as we know it.  Below is a diagram showing our approach to Housing Crisis Resolution. Underlined elements in this diagram are links to additional information about particular system components. To the left is a series of brief papers outlining Focus Strategies’ thinking about why communities should create a Housing Crisis Resolution System and how to go about it. We hope you’ll check out the materials we’ve posted and let us know what you think. This series is a work in progress, please get in touch and let us know what’s helpful and what’s not at info@focusstrategies.net.   New resources are added periodically so please check back regularly.


Focus Strategies Briefs on Housing Crisis Resolution

Overview of Series

Part 1:  The Vision – Why Create a Housing Crisis Resolution System?


Part 2:  What is a Housing Crisis Resolution System? 


Part 3:  Process Steps to Create a Housing Crisis Resolution System 


Part 4:  What about HUD? Crosswalk to CoC and ESG Requirements – coming soon!


Part 5:  Coordinated Entry in a Housing Crisis Resolution System – coming soon!