System Performance Predictor (SPP) 

The SPP, developed by Focus Strategies for the National Alliance to End Homelessness, is a tool that takes an import of data from the BYC and allows communities to make project-by-project and year-by-year changes over a multiple year period. The SPP models changes to all key elements of homeless system dynamics, including population size and new entries into homelessness, investment and capacity changes, and program performance. As changes are made, users can see the impact on the overall performance of the system and on the size of the homeless population and selected subpopulations. The types of interventions that can be modeled include shifting investments to more cost-effective solutions matched to the community’s population, targeting people who are literally experiencing homelessness while diverting others, increasing utilization rates, reducing lengths of stay, increasing exits to permanent housing and changing rates of returns to homelessness.

Although the BYC and other components of SWAP are made publicly available online, from our experience, communities generally require intensive technical assistance while using SWAP on their own. As mentioned above, data from the BYC feeds the SPP directly, however, we have not made this SWAP modeling component available publicly as it requires technical assistance by Focus Strategies. Communities interested in the SPP should consider contacting us about receiving such technical assistance, as this is an effective strategy to achieve a robust understanding of the potential impacts of system change efforts.

If you are interesting in talking to us about system modeling, please contact us at