Budget Collection Tools 

To populate the BYC, communities must collect data on the annual operating budgets of all programs included in the analysis, so that project performance can be understood in relation to level of investment. This page provides template tools for communities to use to collect the needed budgetary data from providers in a consistent manner.

“Instructions for Populating and Using the Budget Template” – This document explains how the CoC should populate the template with data from the Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and other information before sending to providers.

“Budget Collection Template” – This template includes instructions in the first tab for providers on how to complete the budgets.

“Instructions to Providers for Completing the Budget Template” – This standalone version of the instructions is intended for use by the CoC and its SWAP project lead to customize and distribute to providers in the community.

“SWAP Frequently Asked Technical Questions” – FAQs on using the BYC and Budget Tools.