Tara Carruth

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, Tara oversees complex consulting engagements and manages teams of
consultants and other support staff. Prior to joining Focus Strategies, Tara was the Director of the
Ventura County Continuum of Care (CoC). In this role, she facilitated regional cooperation in allocating
federal and state funding and focused on improving system performance. She also served as the lead in
COVID-19 homelessness response, providing non-congregate shelter and coordinating other critical
services. Under her leadership, the CoC improved regional partnerships and collaborations with the
shared goal to make homelessness rare, brief and a one-time occurrence. If Focus Strategies is selected
for this project, Tara will be the Project Manager for this work and will be responsible for: overseeing
information gathering and development of the needs assessment, design and implementation of the
stakeholder engagement process, working closely with City staff and other key stakeholders to interpret
the input and findings from the information gathering and data analysis processes, and leading the
development of the goals and strategies to be incorporated in the Plan.