Point in Time (PIT) Counts

Every other year, communities across the United States conduct the HUD-mandated Point in Time (PIT) count, which is designed to provide a snapshot of a region’s sheltered and unsheltered homeless population. Focus Strategies has supported a number of communities to conduct the PIT by:

• Designing and conducting county-wide homeless point-in-time counts using research-based designs;
• Producing HUD-compliant and community-endorsed PIT counts;
• Advising communities on avoiding common PIT planning and implementation pitfalls.

PIT Count Projects

Focus Strategies has assisted with and coordinated HUD-mandated PIT Counts for a number of CoC’s across the country. Our work has included ensuring results align with federal mandates, analyzing results, and preparing final PIT reports. We have assisted communities in developing methodology for collecting data, taking into account the unique geographical and size characteristics of each community.

Samples of PIT publications from various client communities are provided below:

San Mateo County Human Services Agency (HSA) | 2017 One Day Homeless Count and Survey
Report Published August 2017

2-1-1 Orange County | 2017 PIT Count & Survey Report
Report Published July 2017

EveryOne Home | Alameda Countywide Homeless Count & Survey Report
Report published July 2013

Sacramento Steps Forward | Sacramento Homeless Count
Report published July 2013

Orange County | Homeless Count & Survey Report
Report published July 2013

Other clients we’ve worked with in this area include:

• Alameda County, California (2011-2015)
• 2-1-1 Orange County (2013 and 2015)