Our Client Communities in the News Archive

San Diego County

“Why the Housing First approach is a practical solution for homelessness,” The San Diego Union-Tribune – August 4, 2017
“Collaboration required to get the homeless in San Diego into shelter,” The San Diego Union-Tribune
– August 4, 2017
“Affordable housing for homeless seniors opens in Talmadge,” The San Diego Union-Tribune – July 26, 2017
“New East Village Homeless Housing Complex Unveiled Today,” NBC7 – July 24, 2017
“San Diego homeless efforts get $80M boost for various services,” The San Diego Union-Tribune
-July 5, 2017
“Mayor taps former gang member as chief homeless adviser,” The San Diego Union-Tribune – July 1, 2017
“Renowned homelessness expert takes San Diego job,” The San Diego Union Tribune  June 23, 2017
“New Regional Leader Tasked With Unifying San Diego’s Homeless-Fighting Efforts,” Voice of San Diego – June 22, 2017
“County homeless program aims to produce 1,000+ units, cut costs 75%,” The San Diego Union Tribune  – June 12, 2017
“San Diego Wants to Go From Cacophony to One Voice on Homelessness,” Voice of San Diego
– May 22, 2017
“City Council votes to form committee to take up homelessness problem,” Fox 5 – May 16, 2017
“New San Diego city panel aims to tackle homelessness problem,” The San Diego Union-Tribune – May 15, 2017
“Lots of talk for homeless, verging on action,” The San Diego Union-Tribune – April 9, 2017
“Bold action needed to address housing crisis, homelessness,” The San Diego Union-Tribune – March 10, 2017
“Helping the Homeless in San Diego,” San Diego Magazine – March 3, 2017
“City proposes intake center to house, help transition homeless,” The San Diego Union-Tribune – February 13, 2017

Seattle and King County

“A new way to help Seattle’s homeless: Navigation Center set to open Wednesday,” The Seattle Times – July 10, 2017
“Seattle is revamping its approach to homeless programs,” MYNorthwest – June 28, 2017
“The hard truths about Seattle’s new homeless fix,” Crosscut
– June 28, 2017
“Local homeless programs: performance targets for doing good?,” The Seattle Times – May 22, 2017
“$12 million to homelessness, 200 police officers, electric cars, more streetcar: What’s in the mayor’s budget for Capitol Hill,”
Capitol Hill Seattle 
– September 27, 2016
“Mayor Murray promises more police, homelessness spending in new Seattle budget,” The Seattle Times – September 26, 2016
“Seattle mayor proposes more spending on homelessness crisis,” KIRO7 – September 26. 2016
“3 key takeaways from Ed Murray’s new budget,” Crosscut – September 26, 2016
Editorial: “How Seattle can get every homeless person inside,” The Seattle Times – September 16, 2016
“Consultants unveil plan to end unsheltered homelessness by 2017,” Real Change – September 14, 2016
“New approach to homelessness is complex, but worth the effort,” The Seattle Times – September 11, 2016
“Mayor’s reports: Seattle homeless funding should shift from transitional to permanent housing,” Capitol Hill Seattle – September 9, 2016
“Seattle could end most homelessness in 3 years, national experts say,” KUOW Seattle – September 8, 2016
“Report: Seattle homeless strategy needs big makeover,” Seattlepi.com – September 8, 2016
“Seattle homeless crisis could be mostly fixed in a year, report says,” MyNorthwest.com – September 8, 2016
“Seattle needs to revamp homeless programs, new reports say,” The Seattle Times – September 8, 2016
“Seattle plan: 500 homeless families indoors by next year,” KING-TV – September 8, 2016
“Seattle may take new tack in helping the homeless: spend more on housing,” The Seattle Times 
September 6, 2016
“Seattle deserves better: Retool our response to homelessness,” The Seattle Times – August 5, 2016
“Scratching the surface not enough when fighting homelessness,” The Seattle Times – February 28, 2016
“Stop opening tent cities, homelessness expert tells Seattle leaders,” The Seattle Times – February 26, 2016

San Francisco

“The Bay Area’s long road to ending homelessness,” The San Francisco Chronicle – July 2, 2017
“A rare opportunity for San Francisco,” The San Francisco Chronicle – May 25, 2017
“SF lawmaker seeks to speed up homeless housing,” SF Gate – April 12, 2017
“Homeless czar argues for spending increase to advance SF beyond the ‘status quo,'” The San Francisco Examiner  – March 7, 2017
“SF’s new plan to get homeless families off the streets,” The San Francisco Chronicle – October 29, 2016
“Bay Area ballots bulge with measures to pay for homeless housing,” The San Francisco Chronicle – September 3, 2016
“New SF head of homelessness already has a game plan in play,” The San Francisco Chronicle – August 12, 2016
“New Homeless Czar Jeff Kositsky Pens Chronicle Credo,” sfist – June 29, 2016

Valley of the Sun United Way

“My Turn: We can do more for the chronically homeless,” The Arizona Republic – August 21, 2016
“My Turn: The simple – but not so easy – solution to homelessness,” The Arizona Republic – July 30, 2016
“How a 30-hour layover turned to homelessness – and a new home,” The Arizona Republic – July 30, 2016

Eureka and Humboldt County

“Eureka-County Housing Campaign Hits Goal Early, Helps 30 Homeless Find Homes,” The Lost Coast Outpost – September 15, 2016
“Community leaders look toward big-picture solutions for homelessness at Housing First Summit,” The Lost Coast Outpost 
– August 11, 2016
“Housing 30 People in 60 Days: The Clock Starts Today,” The North Coast Journal  August 8, 2016
“Homing the Houseless: Housing First is spreading across the nation, but can it work in Humboldt?,” The North Coast Journal – February 25, 2016


“Homelessness in Berkeley: An Overview,” Berkeleyside – June 29, 2016


“Nashville needs cohesive system to help homeless, consultants say,” The Tennessean – November 6, 2015
60 Minutes: “100,000 Homes: Housing the homeless saves money?,” CBS – February 9, 2014