Coordinated Entry

We believe that an effective coordinated entry system is essential to minimizing homelessness and reaching functional zero within each community. We have worked alongside many communities to build or refine their coordinated entry processes to advance their objectives for reductions in homelessness and align with Opening Doors, the federal plan to end homelessness. Our work in this area includes:

  • Helping communities define their objectives for Coordinated Entry and how CE relates to the overall homeless system design;
  • Developing policies and processes for Coordinated Entry that address how homeless people enter the system and how they exit to permanent housing;
  • Selecting or designing the tools needed at each step of the CES process; ensuring each tool is tailored to support the activities undertaken at each step;
  • Advising on CES governance and evaluation;
  • Facilitating CES workgroup or stakeholder processes; and
  • Advising on integration of CES functions into HMIS.

Focus Strategies recommends developing a Coordinated Entry System in conjunction with a broader homeless system design effort. Successful Coordinated Entry depends on the effectiveness of efforts to “right size” the system to ensure there is an appropriate intervention available to meet the needs of all people who are literally homeless in the community.

Coordinated Entry Projects

Focus Strategies has conducted a number of evaluations and analyses of coordinated entry systems in CoCs throughout the country and made recommendations for system refinement. We have also helped communities that are just starting to design and implement CE.

Samples of coordinated entry work are listed below:

Pierce County Human Services | Pierce County Six-Month Coordinated Entry Evaluation 
Report Published May 2018

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles | Youth Coordinated Entry System (CES) Final Evaluation Report
Report Published April 2017

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles | Comparison of TAY Triage Tool (TTT) and Next Steps Tool (NST)
Report Published April 2017

City and County of San Francisco | San Francisco Family Homeless System and Coordinated Entry Project Phase Two Report: Initial Coordinated Entry System Design
Report Published July 2016

City and County of San Francisco | San Francisco Family Homeless System and Coordinated Entry Project Phase One Report: Family System Assessment
Report Published April 2016

2-1-1 Orange County | Coordinated Assessment-Centralized Intake System for Homeless Services and Housing
Report published February 2015

Pierce County, Washington | Assessment of Pierce County Centralized Intake
Report published February 2015

City of Berkeley | Coordinated Access System for Homeless Services and Housing
Report published September 2014

Committee to End Homelessness King County | Family Homelessness Coordinated Entry System Analysis and Refinement Project
Report published December 2014

Other clients we have worked with in this area include:

• Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California (2016)
• City of San Francisco (2015 to present)